Wholesale Men’s Polo Shirts

Polo shirts are the most common and most attractive type of shirt for men. And Polo Shirt is another name of comfortable and stylishness. A polo shirt is a perfect choice for any casual or formal event. That’s why every gentleman should have at least a few polo shirts in his wardrobe. The polo shirt is that timeless piece of apparel that looks good anytime and anywhere.

Polo shirts have a great look and feel and became popular within the last many years because of their great versatility. When the temperature rises and the sun shines, a polo shirt will ensure you still look smart without breaking a sweat. It’s a classic look that works well, especially if you choose a shirt in a darker color such as navy or grey.

We can provide you many colors, any size available as per client’s requirements and any kind print and embroidery logo possible as per clients need. At BD Wear, we are always on the side of the buyer and are here to keep you stylish. BD Wear is a hassle-free wholesaler and best quality men’s polo shirts manufacturer Company in Bangladesh.

Here at BD Wear, we carry a wide variety of polo shirts including 100% cotton, poly blend, pockets, long sleeves and performance polo’s with moisture management technology. You can look your best at a reasonable price to these wholesale polo shirts that are perfect for any occasion from BD Wear.

We are the manufacturer of different types of men’s polo shirts; the following are the most popular types of men’s polo shirts provide our agency:

  • Long Sleeve Polo Shirt
  • Short Sleeve Polo Shirt
  • Muscle Fit Polo Shirts
  • Slim Fit Polo Shirts
  • Custom Fit Polo Shirt
  • Casual White Polo Shirt
  • Golf Polo Shirt
  • Performance Polo Shirts
  • Lightweight Polo Shirt
  • Pocket Polo Shirts
  • Pique Polo Shirts
  • Striped Polo Shirt
  • Tall Polo Shirts
  • Wool Polo Shirt
  • V-Neck Polo Shirts

Why People Choose Us?

BD Wear is a hassle-free wholesaler and best quality polo shirts manufacturer Company in Bangladesh. Westics Limited is an expert private label t-shirt manufacturer that can help you create a custom look for your polo shirts. At BD Wear, we are always on the side of the buyer and are here to keep you stylish. BD Wear has the largest selection of men’s polo shirt colors and styles. BD Wear makes it easy to find the perfect blank polo shirt to match your khakis or jeans at practical prices.

From sporting attire to leisurewear, polo shirts can be paired with many wardrobe items such as chinos, shorts, seersucker, and Madras. With a size selection large enough to accommodate any figure, BD Wear makes sure you feel comfortable while looking sharp. Our tall polo shirts are specifically designed for the needs of our big and tall customers, with all the extra room you require. For customer’s on-the-go, our simple breast pocket polo shirts meet your function and fashion needs.

Our Standard Polo shirts are usually made of ‘knitted cloth’ which make these shirts more suitable than others for a scorching summer day. Today, we offer the most extensive—and accessible—collection of fashion-forward styles around. We are also interested to have custom orders too. You can order design of your own or give us idea what you want us to design too. We strive to offer quality products at the absolute lowest prices in the industry. Please don’t waste your time and give us a try. If you are interested in our Polo shirts, want more information about our products or would like to know more about our private label process contact us today!