Face Mask

At present, using the mask is important for all the people. Because face masks protect not only Covid-19, but also from every airborne disease. During the Covid-19 crisis, our garment factory has expanding the production of face masks along with other apparels. We are renowned 100% exporter and manufacturer in Bangladesh, engaged in exporting all kinds of face mask. At Westics Limited, we are dedicated to bringing you high quality and comfortable face coverings at the lowest prices. Our aim is to provide best quality mask to our loyal customers, keeping in mind the vision is to service the community instead of stealing from them.

We provide top quality of washable cotton fabric mask at wholesale price and export worldwide. The main strength of our company is the production of superior quality products and offering them at competitive prices. When you order wholesale face mask in our company for your business, we will continue working hard to provide you the best products and services, to make our supply more convenient, quicker, continuous and stable. We provide KN 95, 3Ply disposable and washable cotton fabric face mask. Face masks made by us are exported to USA, EU, Canada, Middle East and some notable Asian countries.

Why Would You Come To Us?

Westics Limited are a top-ranking company which is specialized in face Mask. We have different styles and colors face mask, so you can choose from a variety styles and colors face mask. Whether you prefer a reusable or a disposable face mask, try our face masks. We are capable to provide you best quality face mask with antibacterial treatment. We made this mask Polypropylene quality material. Every year Westics Limited produce millions of mask and export worldwide. Our face masks are made for men, women and children.

Westics Limited are a well established and well known exporter of face Mask in worldwide. Because we are committed to providing top quality face mask for you. Our innovative no-sew design means this mask is produced with zero human touch. Our face mask designs come with a traditional, soft elastic band to secure the face against the face either over the ears or around the head and neck.

Strong Point Of Our Face Mask:

  • Eco-Friendly.
  • 100% natural cotton outer.
  • Cotton lined for comfort.
  • Offering 100% sterilized masks.
  • Our face masks come in different face shapes and different colors.
  • Wider face coverage for maximum protection.